Zone 9 Spring Planting Guide

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

What to Plant in Zone 9 for Spring

Crop Month to Plant Recommended Verities Notes
Beans, Green March-April Blue Lake, Cherokee Wax, Kentucky Wonder Both bush and pole
Beans, Lima March-April Henderson, Jackson Wonder Trellis for support!
Cantaloupes March-April Ambrosia, Athena, Galia Keep fruit of soil to avoid rot
Carrots September-March Danvers, Nates, Imprator Raised beds work best!
Cauliflower January-February Brocoverde, Snowball Some are green headed
Celery January-March Utah Strains are best Soil must remain moist
Collard Greens February-April Top Bunch, Georgia Southern Will last into warm months
Corn, Sweet March-April Sliver Queen, Sweet Ice, Early Sunglow Keep verities separate
Cucumbers February-April Poinsett, Space Master, Eureka, Boston Pickling For slicing or pickling
Eggplant Febuary-July Black Beauty, Ichiban Likes warm weather, stake!
Mustard Greens September-May Tander green, green wave, Florida Broad Leaf Easily damaged by frost
Okra March-July Emeral, Clemson Spineless Loves hot weather
Onions, green August-March Evergreen Bunching, White Lisbon Short day types work best
Peppers February-April Bell, Sweet, Hot Mulching helps production
Potatoes January-March Red Pontiac, Yukon gold Do not use store bought
Potatoes, Sweet March-June Beauregard, Vardaman Likes hot weather
Pumpkin March-April Big Max, Jack O Lantern Requires a lot of space
Radish September-March Cherry Belle, Sparkler Grows VERY fast
Squash, Summer March-April Summer Crookneck, Black Beauty Zucchini Beware of summer pests
Squash, Winter March-August Spaghetti, Butternut Requires pollination
Tomatoes February-April Celebrity, Better Boy, Cherokee, Brandy Wine Stake for support
Turnips January-April Purple Top, Seven Top Roots and Tops edible!
Watermelon March-April Jubilee, Crimson Sweet, Sugar Babay Requires a lot of space

Many of the crops listed will also grow in the summer, fall and sometimes the winter. These are just a few recommendations that work well as fall crops!

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