Zone 9 January Planting Guide

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

What to Plant in Zone 9 in January

Crop Recommended Verities Notes
Broccoli Early Dividend, Packman Plant early in the month to avoid bolting
Cabbage Flat Dutch, Wakefield Beware of Cabbage Black-Rot
Carrots Danvers, Imperator, Nantes Raised beds work best for Carrots
Cauliflower Snow Crown, Snowball Tie leaves around head to stop color shift
Celery All Utah Strains Requires a soil that holds moisture well
Onions, Bunching Evergreen, White Lisbon Short day types work the best
Peas, English Green Arrow, Sugar Snap Use Trellis for support, some pods edible
Potatoes Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold Do not use store bought

Many of the crops listed will also grow in the summer, fall and sometimes the winter. These are just a few recommendations that work well as January crops! See our full Zone 9 Sprng Planting Guide for more planting ideas!