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Zone 9 Gardening

Zone 9 Garden

Gardening in Zone 9 allows for year round gardening. The winters here are mild, the spring and fall offer a wide range of growing options and in the summer tropical fruits and vegetables can be grown. So get your garden ready because is your one stop for all things gardening in USDA Hardiness Zone 9.

Guides offers the best planting guides for fruits and vegetables in zone 9. Our guides are frequently updated and reflect what grows best and when it grows best in our area!

Summer Gardening Tips

Many places across the Unitied States are unable to garden in the winter, but zone 9 is one of the places that allows year-round gardening. Here are some quick winter gardening tips:

  • Move hot peppers in doors during frost
  • Sow Tomatoes and Peppers in late winter
  • Harvesting carrots for a sweeter flavor
  • Many vegetable seed vendors have great deals on seeds this time of year. Shop around and find them!
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Top Composting Tips

Compost is one of the best, and safest fertilizers for a vegetable garden. Here are some tips to help.
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  • Build your compost pile with a 25:1 ratio
  • Do NOT use any meat or meat byproducts
  • Keep compost pile moist but not wet
  • Keep compost out of direct sunlight
  • Use compost generously
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