Zone 9 Summer Planting Guide

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

What to Plant in Zone 9 for Summer

Crop Month to Plant Recommended Verities Notes
Beans, Green Aug Blue Lake, Cherokee Wax, Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans Do Best
Beans, Lima June Henderson, Jackson Wonder Trellis for support!
Cucumbers Aug Black Beauty, Ichiban Keep fruit of soil to avoid rot
EggPlant June-Aug Danvers, Nates, Imprator Loves warm weather, steak!
Okra June Emerald, Clemson Spineless A hot weather hero.
Sweet Potatoe June-Aug Beauregard, Vardaman The warmer the better!
Pumpkin August Big Max, Jack O Lantern  Requires lots of space
Winter Squash Aug-Sept Spaghetti, Butternut  Requires Polination
Tomatoes May-June Roma, Big Boy, to many to mention  Start indoors!

Many of the crops listed will also grow in the spring, fall and winter. These are just a few recommendations that work well as summer crops!

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