How to Grow Roma Tomatoes

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

How to grow roma tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes are one of the absolute best tomatoes for making sauces and are also great for slicing and using in a caprici salad. As with most tomatoes they will grow very well here in Zone 9 and here are a few easy steps to get them growing well!

Sow the seeds indoors 6 weeks prior to the last frost using a soil-less planting medium.


After germinating the seedlings will start to grow normal leaves. Once this happens start to thin and separate seedlings.


Transplant seedlings into a 3-4 in pot using a rich soil that is high in organic matter including compost and make sure to keep evenly moist!


Once the spring weather has warmed the soil transplant the Roma Tomato outside to a very sunny place with rich well drained soil.


Bury all but the top set of leaves. The lower part of the plant will sprout roots leading to a stronger plant.


As soon as the plant begins to reach 3’ tall stake the plant to support its weight. Roma Tomatoes are determinate so most tomatoes will ripen at the same time!

More Info

Roma Tomatoes are determante and will only grow to a predetermined size. Most of the fruit will rippen at the same time. To enjoy a longer harvest period stagger your planting!

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