Zone 9 Fall Planting Guide

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

What to Plant in Zone 9 for Fall

Crop Month to Plant Recommended Verities Notes
Bush Beans September Bush Blue Lake, Cherokee Yellow Wax Fertilize lightly
Pole Beans August-September Kentucky Wonder, Blue Lake Support for vines required.
Lima Beans September Henderson, Jackson Wonder Provide a trellis
Beets October – March Early Wonder, Cylindra, Red Ace Leaves are edibles
Broccoli August – January Early Green, Waltham, Packman Harvest often for better crop
Cabbage September – January Rio Verde, Red Acre Caterpillars love this crop
Carrots October – March Imperator, Danvers, Chantenay Raised beds work best.
Cauliflower October – January Snowball, Snow Crown Some strains are green
Celery August – February All Utah Strains Keep soil moist for seeds
Collards August – March Georgia Southern, Top Bunch Lower leaves are the best
Sweet Corn August – September Silver Queen, Sweet Ice, Early Sunglow Avoid cross pollination
Cucumbers September Poinsett, Ashley, Eureka Watch for Pickleworms
Eggplant August – September Black Beauty, Cloud Nine Long harvest
Kale September – January Dwarf Blue Curled, Redbor Harvest young leaves
Lettuce September – March Great lakes, Tom Thumb, Salad Bowl Crispheads like cool weather
Mustard September – March Southern Giant, Green Wave Cook as greens or use seed
Onions (Bulbing) September – December Granex Short Day varieties are best
Onions (Green) August – March Evergreen bunching, White Lisbon Divide and reset runners.
English Peas September – March Green Arrow, Suggar Snap Trellis is required
Peppers August – September Most types will grow Long producing, into summer
Pumpkins September Big max, Jack be Little Pollination required
Radish September – March Cherry Belle, Sparkler Very fast growing
Spinach October – November Melody, Space Coolest months are best
Summer Squash August – September Early Prolific, Summer Crookneck Pickleworms love squash
Winter Squash August Spaghetti, table queen see above
Strawberry October – November Chandler, Camarosa Short day varieties
Tomatoes September Many types work well Grow almost year round
Turnips September – November Purple Top, White Globe Both roots and tops edible
Watermelon August Jubilee, Crimson Sweet, Sugar Baby Require a lot of room

Many of the crops listed will also grow in the winter, spring and sometimes
the summer.  These are just a few recommendations that work well as fall


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