Time for Spring Prep

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

It is that time of year when planning for a spring vegetable garden. The weather is still a little bit cool for planting out side, but the earlier the planning starts the more successful the garden will be!

Some Things to consider when planning:

  • Types of crops
  •  Crop requirements
  • Space
  • Soil Amendments

Types of Crops The list of crops that can be planted in spring in Zone 9 is vast! Most vegetable favorites go in the ground this time of year. From Tomatoes to Green Beans all the way to Radishes it is the perfect time to begin planting! Refer to our Spring Planting Guide for a good reference.

Crop Requirements

When planning your crops it is important to take their requirements into account. Putting crops like Legumes in close proximity to Tomatoes is never a good idea, the legumes produce a lot of nitrogen causing the tomatoes to grow vigorously with out producing. Take some time and study the crops requirements and plan accordingly.


Now I the perfect time to add more space to a garden that you have been wanting to expand. By either digging, trenching, sheeting or any other method, start now.

Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments often take a few weeks to become their most effective. Adding them before the sowing of seeds or planting helps the soil stabilize before anything has to grow. Placing a THICK layer of compost over the soil now and working it in a week later is a great plan!

Now get out there and plan your garden!

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