Sowing Seeds with the Paper Towel Method – Video

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

A popular technique for germinating seeds that can be difficult to get started is the Paper Towel Method. In this video I give a quick tutorial on how we do it.

Video Transcript:

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Today we are going to be discussing the paper towel method of sowing seeds. We primarly use this method to sow pepper seeds and thats what we are going to be doing today.

Here I have ten Fresno Pepper Seeds, a clean paper towel, a ziploc baggie and a bottle of water that I filled about 2 days ago.

The first step is to take your bottle of water and spray your paper towel until its damp. You don’t want it soggy, but you defiantly want it wet.

Next you take your seeds and space them to where you have about 1″ between each seed.  You only want to put the seeds on one half of the paper towel because later on you will be folding it over onto itself.

Once you have all the seeds spaced out on your paper towel you take the paper towel and fold it in half.  Then you simply take the paper towel and place it inside the baggie.  Now the baggie should be labled with the type of pepper, or what ever crop you are putting in there, as well as the date so you know when they were sown.  This can be, at times, tricky because the paper towel likes to bind on its self. What I like to do is put my whole hand on top of it and slide.

Once I get it in I like to flatten it out.  Make sure it is good and flat.

Then you seal the bag, leaving about an inch gap to allow air to get in and out.

Store the seeds in a warm dark area and check for germination daily.

Once germination begins, cut the seeds out with a pair of scissors, making sure not to cut any of the root structure.  Transplant them into a normal container and raise them like you would any other plant.


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