How to Propagate Basil

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

Basil is a very simple herb to propagate from a cutting and the cloned plants will grow and thrive as much as the parent plant. Here is a Step-By-Step how to propagate Basil.

  1. Take a small cutting from the mother plant. Cut around 3-5” from the top of the plant where there is vigorous growth. Be sure to pick a cutting that does not have flowers developing.
  2. Remove the lower leaves from the stem of the cutting. About 50% of the cutting should be stem with out any leaves on it.
  3. Place the cutting into a small amount of water. Using a container about the same size as a shot glass works very well.
  4. Wait for the roots develop and become about 50% the length of the cutting. Basil roots fairly quickly using this method, usually around 5-10 days.
  5. Plant the newly rooted cutting into a fertile well drained soil. Slowly acclimate the new basil plant to full sun and care for it as you would a mature basil plant!

Here are some photographs of basil being propagated using a cutting. These pictures are of Cinnamon Basil.
Basil Cutting in Water

Rooted Basil Cutting

Well thats it!  How to propagate basil, a simple and fun process!  Now get out there and grow some basil!

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