Late September Planting Guide

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

Late in September there are many vegetables that are ready to be planted. Here is a list of a few that will do well this time of year.

  • Beans – Bush Beans will produce sooner while pole beans will produce more!
  • Beets – Requires plenty of moiture to germinate.
  • Broccoli – Grows multiple side shoots around main head that should be harvested.
  • Cabbage – Best if bought as young plants.  Beware of bacterial issues when buying.
  • Carrots – Requires rock and debris free soil to grow large, strong and strait carrots.
  • Cauliflower – Some varieties are green.  Color can be improved by wrapping leaves around the heads.
  • Celery – Like beets, Celery requires high moisture to germinate.
  • Collards – Lower leaves are the best for harvest.  Can tolerate more heat than similar crops.
  • Sweet Corn – Many verities do well this time of year.  A staple for many gardeners.
  • Cucumbers – Growing bee attracting flowers can be very beneficial to this crop.
  • Lettuce – Likes cooler weather.  September is a good time to start Lettuce indoors.
  • Mustard – Requires a lot of space.  Wide rows are recommended.
  • Onions (bulbing) – Short day bulbing varieties work best.
  • Peas – English type peas grow well this time of year.  Use a strong trellis system.
  • Peppers  – Many types will continue to grow and produce all the way into summer.
  • Radish – Very fast growing and does not require a lot of space.
  • Spinach – Likes cooler weather.  Another great crop to start indoors in September.
  • Tomatoes – Will do well until frost.  Most types require staking.
  • Turnips – Both the roots and greens are edible.  Does best in a wide-row system.

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