How to make Cayenne Powder

By: Dan Hagan - Managing Editor

Cayenne Peppers are one of the most prolific peppers in the Zone 9 Garden. They grow fast, grow large and produce many peppers. 2 favorite uses from Cayenne Peppers are Crushed Red Pepper and Cayenne Powder. This is how to make the powder.

Dry the Cayenne Peppers

Before the Cayenne Peppers can be powdered they need to be dried. The easiest way to do this is to use a food dehydrator per the instructions of the machine. If a dehydrator is not available the peppers can be hung and dried over a period of about 2-3 months.

Cut the Cayenne Peppers

Cut the dried peppers into small pieces. At this point decide if the seeds are going to be used for a hotter powder or remove them for a milder powder.

Grind the Cayenne Peppers

Using a coffee grinder put the peppers in the grinder and grind them until they are a fine powder. This will often take many passes through the grinder. Place the powder in a spice jar!


  • Be careful when working with the peppers. They are hot and can easily burn the eyes and inside of the nose.
  • If removing seeds they can be saved and used for crushed red pepper.

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